Renewable Power Generation Facility

A revolutionary 75-megawatt renewable power generation plant. This state-of-the-art facility is fueled by wood chips and other renewable, clean, low-grade biomass materials.

Renewable Energy
Fueled by wood chips and other clean low-grade renewable biomass materials, Burgess BioPower is sustained by the expansive forests of northern NH. This revolutionary plant is an environmentally sound solution for New England’s growing energy needs.
Engineering Results
The completed plant is designed to produce clean electric energy from renewable and sustainable resources. The facility’s boiler system efficiently converts water to superheated, high-pressure steam, which in turn spins turbines to generate electricity.

Working Together to Make a Difference
Developed in cooperation with local utilities, it is among the largest and most environmentally advanced biomass energy plants in the Northeast. The 62-acre site in Berlin, New Hampshire, the “City that Trees Built”, was the former home to the Fraser Paper mill. It was selected as the ideal location due to the existing site infrastructure, and proximity to a 6 million acre wood basket. The region has sustainably provided fiber for industries in this area for over a century.

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